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Small, Agile Teams: 10 Best Practices

9680630868?profile=RESIZE_400xProfitability is at the core of successful businesses.  Many markets do not allow as much top-line revenue increase as the companies would like.  Therefore, organizations have to focus on improving the bottom-line.

Boosting the bottom-line entails raising Productivity.  Productivity enhancement can be achieved by eliminating redundancies and improving processes that change the company.  Process Improvement also means less people needed to accomplish the same tasks.

Change projects—as is the case w

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Experiment to Stretch Your Teams

8028312680?profile=originalIt is wonderous how adaptive we are and I as I wrote last week, adaptative leadership is key right now. Top of the list of my tips for exercising adaptive leadership is to experiment. Now I know we are all experimenting at the moment, one way or another, just to get by. However, with our incredible ability to adapt, you and your teams are adjusting at a pace that many will be surprised by. So, now that much of the mad scramble to adjust to new ways of working has happened, let’s start thinking a

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Creating a culture that measures productivity objectively is a sensitive matter. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being employed extensively by organizations across the globe to monitor and track performance.  KPIs provide valuable metadata to improve top-down and bottom-up vertical efficiency.

Analytics-driven firms are aware that KPIs are much more than a tool to evaluate performance.  Utilizing KPIs, they gather valuable insights, create enterprise-wide accountability, and develop a goal-

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The typical approach to improving productivity focuses on assessing variance in quality, time, rate, service, or cost, around which management systems develop incrementally or revolutionary.

Organizational Health Index, on the contrary, focuses on improving performance through improved alignment of organizational systems. For example, by improving competence of key components such as mindset, work design, technical expertise, or relationships; or through improving the interface between work proce

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Sweden To Offer Employees Six Hour Working Day In Bid To Increase Productivity And Happiness


Many businesses in the Scandinavian country have already switched from the standard eight hour day according to the Science Alert website, who say the move has been hailed a success

Swedish businesses are hoping the six hour day can increase happiness

Swedish employers are moving towards offering workers a six hour day in

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The economic climate and tightening regulations are prompting large enterprises to invest in capability management tools - a new category of software that helps senior decision-makers to understand the organisation’s readiness to implement new initiatives.

Large, complex enterprises run a huge risk every time they implement a new strategic initiative. The risk is that something important will have been overlooked in the planning stage that will cause the initiative to fail, run over time or over

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"Travel Alert-Travel Safe"

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Travel Alert-Travel Safe: 2011 Business Travel Threats

2010 was an eventful year for business travellers with new and varied events that caused delay, disruption and life safety concerns.

Join our global travel safety and security expert as he discusses:


  • Key travel threats for 2011
  • Industry and company trends
  • Tips for the year ahead
  • Questions from attendees


"Travel Alert-Travel Safe"

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Travel Alert-T

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