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Richard Branson, British business and philanthropist once said: “One day, offices will be a thing of the past.”pic-1-Virtual-Teams-Challenges-Benefits-200x300.jpeg?profile=RESIZE_710x

While organizations still need to travel to reach their physical offices, the rapid changes in the world are requiring businesses to form Virtual Teams. A Virtual Team refers to a group of individuals who work together from different geographic locations and rely on communication technology such as email, voice conferencing services, fax, etc.

Virtual Teams work well for an organization

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Project portfolio management is not a new phenomenon. We all do it as technology executives, and we're likely to be good at it based on traditional norms. The environment of project management has been constantly evolving. Given how market fluctuations control people, processes, and projects, the introduction of a new strategy for project execution is equivalent to stabbing uncertainty.

The term: Project portfolio management


Project portfolio management is the art and science of making investment

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Project Management Quotes



It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things

Machiavelli 1446-1507, Italian statesman and philosopher

The real problem is what to do with problem solvers after the problem is solved

Gay Talese 1932-, American (Italian-born) journalist

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. The

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What is risk-based management (RBM) to you? Do you have a good understanding of this concept, and how it is applied? Do you think what you have right now is the best? Do you think that RBM is the best and only approach? Do you think it is one of the best? How do you apply it in project management?

RBM is serious approach and a philosophy that considers risks while managing any project endeavor throughout its lifecycle. Management by objectives is still present, but with more focus on risk managem
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Is Agile for Dummies?

I have said more than once that the IT industry has much to be blamed for in terms of poor project delivery.  I wrote a discussion paper on Project Risk Management where I lead off with “Why could we land a man on the moon in 1969 yet in 2013 we struggle to get a moderate sized IT project delivered successfully? – An acceptance of mediocrity?”

I recently read “Agile for Dummies”published by IBM and authored by Scott W. Ambler and Matthew Holitza, which is about mastering Agile, a project manageme

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Antifragile - Dose Response

In this posting we take a look at Nassim Taleb's video and show a working example of the Sigmoid function in R Project.

Many risk practitioners approach the quantification of risk by convoluting frequency and magnitude curves.

The Sigmoid concept which is at the heart of Antifragile, looks at risk differently. It breaks up a system into various states of Fragile and Robust, then brings them back together as a single function of risk.

More can be found here [ LINK ]

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Project change management involves new IT systems, new products, and new markets, or reacting to a change in the business environment, such as regulatory or competitive actions. Project risk management is about identifying new risks or changes in the threat level of existing business processes. The challenge for project managers is how to get teams, functional areas, business processes, systems, and vendors aligned to new goals; moreover, how to get the needed transparency into the activities th

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Risk and Issue are two words that are often confused when it comes to their usage. Actually there is some difference between them. The word ‘risk’ is used in the sense of ‘chance’. On the other hand, the word ‘issue’ is used in the sense of ‘matter’.

Uh-Oh!  This is a show-stopper.  We can’t complete the project on time because the server needed won’t be available for another month! What can we do now?

This is not a new problem for Project Managers to have encountered. Is this a risk or an issue? 

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