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8219694493?profile=originalTraditional Talent Management practices fail to meet the high-potential talent requirements imperative to compete in the digital world today.  In fact, they disappoint the key talent available in the market.

A 2016 Digital Business research by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte on 3700+ executives reveals attracting and retaining talent as the most pressing concern for organizations large or small.  The study indicates that organizations that are still using traditional approaches to manage

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Considering the current climate is loaded with regulatory and market changes, funds transfer pricing frameworks must be adapted in such a way to account for this without losing competitive edge. In order to optimise the practice of FTP, banks need to understand how it can be implemented alongside evolving regulations and market changes. This marcus evans conference will show banks how to shape their FTP methodologies according to regulations such as the liquidity and capital regulations and appl

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From Safety to Profit Tool: Collateral Optimization


Interview with Judson Baker, Senior Vice President and Product Manager of Derivatives at Northern Trust.8028245083?profile=original


The past year and a half has seen collateral management evolve from a back-office concern, to a middle and front-office operation. The Dodd-Frank Act, devised as a solution to the financial crisis, has had a profound effect on the market, which many are still learning to manage effectively. The threat of new uncleared margin rules (taking ef

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How Millennials will Save us from our Broken Economic System


Written by:

Henrik Storm Dyrseen

Managing Director, Leksell Social Ventures, Stockholm

In a crisis of economic and political leadership, who should we turn to for a vision of the future, for the rebirth of our society? Turn to the young, for they shall inherit the earth.

A crisis of capitalism and leadership

Capitalism is coming under attack. The way of the free market, with its gospel of globalization and the primacy of growth and GDP as a

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Black Friday: Collapse of Financial Markets, Poverty and Unemployment



Stephen Lendman

Global Research, January 17, 2016

Black Friday may be signaling big trouble ahead. What can’t go on forever won’t and never will. Eventually day of reckoning time arrives. Whether now is the moment of truth remains to be seen.

Paul Craig Roberts calls the US economy “a house of cards.” Phony government data created “the illusion of recovery.”

Monied interests never had it better for years, profiting hugely f

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Panic Grips Financial Markets


Enrique Suarez Presenting:

Panic Grips Financial Markets


 Stephen Lendman

Global Research, August 26, 2015

Monday trading showed Dow stocks plunging 1,089 points in minutes at the opening before rebounding sharply, then closing down 588 points – the single largest intraday point move in one of the most volatile trading days in stock market history, the most volatile ever for Nasdaq stocks.

The Dow fluctuated in a 7% trading range – an unprecedented 9% for Nasdaq stocks. Volatility was so extre

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The Delta Model: Who is the Customer

Who Is the Customer?

This is a very central question. The most obvious answer is that the customer is the one who pays. The relevance of this answer is evident, since it identifies who is directly responsible for generating our economic benefits. Therefore, we have to include the buyer as a critical element of our customer base. However, often we shouldn’t stop there, because the customers of our customer, is either as important as, or even more important than, the buyer. We need to relate to tha

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So begins Alfred Lord Tennyson's famous poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade.  The poem bespeaks the glory and folly of Pax Britannica's imperial apex; yet still offers dear lessons for those dispassionate enough to listen.
Tennyson recounts the doomed charge of a British cavalry unit at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War.  British Intelligence provided the Light Brigade Command incorrect information, under estimating the strength of the defending Cossacks.  As the assault commenced
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On 27th February 2014, the National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA), in a joint mission with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) , launched the Global Precipitation Measurement Core, a satellite based observatory designed to provide next generation observations of global snow and rainfall.

 The parallels between space exploration and risk management are many and varied, and a mission designed to track precipitation and increase the predictability of global weather patterns is e

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Managing a profitable balance sheet is more challenging than ever. With Basel III and the more immediate Dodd-Frank regulation on the horizon, a tool such as FTP is vital to ensure an effective centrally managed liquidity strategy. Post-crisis, whilst the economic situation is improving, allocating sufficient liquidity costs quickly and efficiently to the correct business-line is paramount.

Karin Bergeron is a trader on the CVA desk at Scotiabank. She is responsible for pricing and hedging CVA as

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Crowded markets a new future

The equities market a decade ago cannot be compared to what it is today.

Over the last ten years, globalization really has become that, connectivity has reached the masses, the rise of Exchange Traded Funds, High Frequency Trading, the increase in the number of large positional hedge funds and the interest for sovereign powers to replace state funded pension programs with community based superannuation disbursements, are all driving factors for the emergence of asset bubbles.

In this short post we

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Learn how financial organizations can embrace a portable, standards-based architecture to create a predictable, sustainable millisecond response time environment that will increase revenue generation and opportunity optimization.

Capital markets have complex, data-intensive front-office environments that change in milliseconds. To survive and differentiate themselves, companies need predictable, high-performance technical solutions. They also must control costs. Until now, satisfying both of the

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The Capital Markets Guide 2011 (163 pages)

Focusing on technological innovation, business strategy and geographical markets, this guide provides thought leadership on how capital markets firms can capitalize on real-time data and leverage new risk strategies for a trading advantage.  

When Bank of America’s assets reached $2.3 trillion—ten times more than Exxon Mobil— The Economist noted that managing such a huge portfolio may be “beyond the ken of mere mortals.” Capital markets firms should return to playing offense, focusing on innovat
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Black swans or to be precise, living with them is an interesting discussion that Nassim Taleb and Richard Herring have captured and published on the internet.
There are some valid and fascinating points from this chit-chat that I believe are worthy of embellishment and that is what I have taken to do here in this post.
To read more, please follow this link
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New proposed rules for Asset Backed Securities have been released by the US regulatory agencies for comment. These rules are aimed at addressing the way in which banks securitize their loan portfolios and are a response to one of the main causes for the credit crisis in 2008.

What lies ahead for banks and investors?

Read more at this link

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