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8028248460?profile=originalI recently authored a whitepaper for the Society of Actuaries 2016 Risk Symposium, exploring the strategic value of risk management.

Here is the Abstract:  

Many top-performing businesses aren’t just risk aware, but rather risk intelligent. Such a posture helps prepare companies for a major event and can demonstrate to a regulator or auditor that an appropriately strong control framework is in place.

Better still, companies gain real strategic value from a “risk adjusted” understanding not only of

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8028252085?profile=originalThe insurance market has been under pressure to transform for many years now.

PWC identify five distinct pressure points: social, technological, environmental, economic and political. Their ‘2020: Competing for Future’ report describes how this is a time of massive and potentially disruptive change.

While the competitive landscape is experiencing significant shifts and technology continues to disrupt the market, insurers also have lots of opportunities to respond, adopt change, transform their ser

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Manage operational risk as a separate entity while budgeting for increased operational risk demands


New York City, NY– May 6, 2015 marcus evans, the world’s largest event management group, will host the Operational Risk Management Conference on September 16-17, 2015 in New York City, NY. This conference will bring together risk leaders to examine the exposures brought on by operational risk and how these must be accounted for in the business model, as well as focusing on techniques for demonst

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Fraud Prevention & Financial professionals will join together to share cutting edge strategies and techniques to manage the growing area of fraud risk


New York, NY– April 29, 2015 marcus evans, the world’s largest event management group, will host the Fraud Prevention for Financial Institutions Conference on August 12-13, 2015 in New York, NY. This premiere forum will provide a dynamic environment for senior practitioners to: leverage intelligence and analytics to better understand behavioral

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How to Really Link Strategy with Execution

Most companies implicitly execute as if they were pursuing a Best Product commodity strategy. No degree of competent execution can save them from this never-ending treadmill. The core processes of the company need to be aligned to the chosen strategy in order to make progress against their strategic agenda and avoid a commodity-like outcome. The Delta Model identifies the core processes of the business and provides a guide for how they need to function d

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Interview with Paul Emerson, Vice President, Asset Allocation, Risk Management at AllianceBernstein, L.P.

Operational risk management has moved beyond the simple calculation of capital requirements. Today operational risk managers need to have a proactive, holistic approach to operational risk to ensure they maintain their organizations’ profitability and reputation. Recent financial scandals have shown that operational risk could bring tremendous losses and not every firm is capable of recoverin

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Operational risk management has evolved from the simple calculation of capital requirements to a proactive, holistic approach. This new strategy ensures that operational risk managers maintain their organizations’ profitability and brand reputation. In fact, recent financial scandals revealed that operational risk can result in incredible losses that many organizations can sometimes never fully recover from.

According to Ger Jan Meijer, Director of Operational Risk Management for Citco Fund Servi

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Operational risk management has moved beyond the simple calculation of capital requirements. Today operational risk managers need to have a proactive, holistic approach to operational risk to ensure they maintain their organizations’ profitability and reputation. Recent financial scandals have shown that operational risk could bring tremendous losses and not every firm is capable of recovering from them.

Paul Emerson answered a series of questions written by GFMI before the forthcoming Proactive

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ERM Philippines

Enterprise Risk Management means alternate things to different people but the general angle risk analysts seem to take; is to create a risk assessment program or tick list sheet, then torture staff in their company to assess what they often don't fully understand.  This is fine but that is not Enterprise Risk Management in my opinion.  ERM is beyond simple risk assessments or check lists and it should consider a much wider charter of risk exposure quantification in the company.

In the presentatio

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Risk Taxonomies

A recent poll on whether enterprise risk frameworks should employ a risk taxonomy or not, seems to have turned out an encouraging result. Over 93% of risk practitioners voting gave a thumbs up for risk categorisation, with only a handful of souls repelling the concept.

In this posting we look at four steps to bring a risk taxonomy into operation and a Dendrogram Cluster Report model is demonstrated that shows how risk can be prioritize within a taxonomy.

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Two schools of thought for measuring op risk

I have been reading a lot of posts on many different risk forums of late and it appears that the Frequency x Magnitude argument for measuring operational risk, is a stubborn pandemic and a failing that is going to be nearly impossible to move on from.

How do we really measure operational risk?

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What is scenario analysis to op risk people?

Over the last few days, several people have discussed various scenario analysis techniques with me and going on general opinion, this risk assessment technique is very popular among operational risk analysts. Definitely no doubt there, but what scenario analysis means to one analyst, can often be something entirely different to another.

What does scenario analysis really mean to operational risk analysts?

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The ten success stories of Basel II are not unique in anyway and there are plenty of other aspects to the Basel II initiative that supported an improved risk function in banks. None the less, these ten risk framework efforts seem to keep appearing as common "this is an excellent element to our risk framework and has evolved our risk management practice in the bank".

Click here to see the top 10 successes and failures

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ISO 31000 supporting Basel II

On the G31000 LinkedIn risk forum, we have decided to open up a new "chat room" that is dedicated to the application of the ISO 31000 enterprise risk management standard to Banking, Insurance, Supply Chain Finance, Markets and Investment.

The link for the new group can be found by clicking the [Link here].

In this blog posting however, we are going to consider whether ISO 31000 is compatible with Basel II from the outset, [Link here].
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Monte Carlo working example

The effort today is to develop a Monte Carlo simulation in Excel that works for operational risk losses rather than market or credit risk, where the technique is so often found. The objective is to build a fully working Microsoft Excel model which isn't just statistical theory but actually exemplifies the Monte Carlo simulation process in practice.

Click here to review and download the Monte Carlo example

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The question today is, does the use of a risk framework such as the one proposed under ISO 31000 reduce risk management disputes between managers in a company?

A possible upside we look for once a risk framework is in full operation, is an improvement in the sharing of risk knowledge and business intel. It could of course go the other way as well; where the risk framework actually does more harm than good and drives bickering or discontinuity between departmental managers?

What did the G31000 foru

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The world of risk management is continually evolving but where is the next developmental phase for the practice of risk theory?
In my opinion, one area which offers great opportunity is the relatively undiscovered work around event predictability. Let's be real of course, there is no way to predict the future but it might nice to understand the shape of that future.
In this blog, we review the use of the Extensible Markov Model for shaping event clusters.
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Risk charting and bubble charts

Perhaps ten years ago, reporting risk profiles or organisational threats was a challenging thing to do for many risk analysts on the job and while the majority of risk reports were fundamentally ordinary, it became apparent quite quickly that a simple list of hazards was never going to cut it.

In this blog we look at an emerging era of risk reporting.

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Using the ROC method to optimize controls

In the world of risk, analysts and managers alike try to reduce the likelihood of an event occurring by inserting controls between the event's driving factors and its outcome.

While the logic around this is sound, not all controls are equal and more often than not, some key risk indicators emit erroneous measures which mislead entire risk teams.
In this short post, we look at a method for weeding out erroneous control signals.
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ISO 31010 and Loss Modeling

One of the most concerning trends that continually persists in operational risk management, is the lack of interest from analysts to attempt to quantify this risk exposure coherently.

In this blog we look operational risk from the perspective of the normal and the extreme.

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