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marcus evans will host the 2nd Post Merger & Acquisition Integration Conference, November 29-30, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. The two day conference will provide M&A professionals the chance to speak about trends in the industry, developing and achieving synergies, mitigating legal and financial risks, and how to effectively implement cultural integration. This event will allow you to create actionable strategies and processes that will examine a merger lifecycle, encourage employee productivity a

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8028259056?profile=originalNetworking can be intimidating even to the most seasoned business people. It’s especially daunting when you don’t know anyone at the beginning of your career, or you’re starting out in a new industry (or country!) completely from scratch. But in today’s competitive business environment, the best opportunities often come to us from the people who already know and trust us. Without a solid professional network in place, you could miss out on these opportunities.

But how do you start building that p

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Money, Marketing, and Management 24/7 Courses


Enrique R. Suarez

International Business Strategy and Management Consultant/Professor

Master of Education & International Development

Harvard University -



A Message from Enrique R. Suarez to SMEs and to the Students of Entrepreneurship


The Technician, the Entrepreneur, and the Manager

In order to start and grow a business, a venture’s founder is req

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Business Model Innovation Presentation: The New Trigger for Great Startups

Source: SlideShare featuring David Skok, General Partner at Matrix Partners

Unlike the past where technology innovation was the primary driver of startup creation, in the last ten years, it has frequently been innovation in new business models that has caused the disruption to create the opening for new companies. This presentation by David Skok of Matrix Partners looks in depth at the key business model changes that are ca

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The Real Purpose of Business: Four Presentations


Enrique Suarez

"The key problem in the American business world today is that we've lost sight of what business is all about. We think it's about accumulating financial wealth and shareholder value, but the fundamental purpose of business, going back thousands of years in human experience, is to meet human economic needs by cultivating creative human talent."

Portland State University professor Tom Johnson

“The way society is organized is due to the

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This white paper is intended for readers who are familiar with Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Disaster Recovery (DR) and the processes to develop and manage related policies, standards and procedures.  The purpose is to provide guidance to the effective implementation and maintenance of resilience and disaster recovery capability of IT systems, and is applicable, by scaling, to all sizes of business organisation. A full copy of the paper is at

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It is crazy to think that insurers are now the ones that need to manage their risk in the face of disruption. They must reinvent their business processes and strategies from the inside out to keep up with the rate of change. So, what are insurers doing to take action?


Insurance Nexus conducted exclusive interviews with the largest life insurer – Manulife and a mid-tier insurer IAT and created an exclusive white paper on analytics, business transformation and customer-centricity.

Take a look at th

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How do we maximize Customer Satisfaction?

So, you have a robust product roadmap. It's got all the product features you need, from the most basic to the most innovative. Now, how did you prioritize these features?

And, are you sure you prioritized things correctly?

With limited resources, all organizations strive to prioritize those activities that drive the most value. This is particularly true in product development. Focusing on the right or wrong set of features can make or break your product (or even company).

The Kano Customer Satisfac

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8028248460?profile=originalI recently authored a whitepaper for the Society of Actuaries 2016 Risk Symposium, exploring the strategic value of risk management.

Here is the Abstract:  

Many top-performing businesses aren’t just risk aware, but rather risk intelligent. Such a posture helps prepare companies for a major event and can demonstrate to a regulator or auditor that an appropriately strong control framework is in place.

Better still, companies gain real strategic value from a “risk adjusted” understanding not only of

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8028248691?profile=originalA couple of weeks ago, a colleague of mine came to tell me about a new finding that she knew I'd love: BCM helps reduce data breach costs.

All I could think was, 'FINALLY.'

This is something that I've been telling clients for years: BCM is more valuable to your business than you can possibly imagine.

The new research from Ponemon Institute found that data breaches now cost as much as $4m - to say nothing of reputational hits. And, you could face a double whammy with higher insurance premiums, too.


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Whether you are the boss or a strategic advisor to the boss you establish boundaries to guide the decisions and hence behaviour of staff. What kind of boundaries have you set? I see three basic types:

• Hard – Thou shalt not cross.
• Flexible – Permission to bend the boundaries, up to a point, is implicit.
• Cushioned – Firm boundaries that allow staff to push up against them without getting “hurt”.

Hard boundaries are needed when the consequences are dire. Examples include safety and highly regul

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Evidence is mounting that it is no longer an option to ignore investments in this important organizational capability. Companies need a rigorous enterprise risk management framework to effectively compete in today's uncertain environment. To help companies understand why they need ERM, here's an excerpt from my take on how enterprise risk management enables the business to move faster and overcome disruption:

The wider adoption of strategic risk management cannot come fast enough to save everyone

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The Risky Future of Oil


Brent and WTI crude prices fell more than 6.4% to US$29.64 and US$29.57 a barrel respectively yesterday (25Jan2016) following a ~10% rise last Friday. Today’s price came up a little opening at US$29.79 but as usual, promising nothing out of the ordinary (Figure 1).


                                               Figure 1: WTI Oil Price, 26-Jan-2016

No one expert knows exactly how much oil out there exceeds the global volumetric demand but all seem to agree that the entire world is drowning in it. T

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RISKS… What are you?

8028243454?profile=originalIt is inspirational to hear words that rhyme where a line and a stanza impart a meaning using the song-like attributes of the articulated statements. The command of a poem makes one remember. It helped some University students recall difficult formulas in integral and differential calculus. It is real and it does work. I’ve used it a lot during my college years singing “The Integral of u” to the tune of “The Wonder of u.”

I have always wanted to write about risk-based management principles in a p

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Enrique Suarez Presenting:

Competition and Business Strategy in Historical Perspective

Harvard Business School Note


• Historical Background
• Academic Underpinnings
• The Rise of Strategy Consultants
• BCG and the Experience Curve
• From the Experience Curve to Portfolio Analysis
• Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and Portfolio Analysis

• Emerging Problems
• Unbundling Industry Attractiveness
• Unbundling Competitive Position
• Competitive Cost Analysis
• Customer Analysis
• Business System Redesign


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Accelerate Your Startup: Get the Right Product/Market Fit



David Skok

As a VC and five-time entrepreneur, David Skok frequently sees two common mistakes being made by startups:

1. Companies spend too much attempting to grow the business when it’s not ready for such growth; or

2. Companies don’t spend enough money when the business is ready to scale.

It’s, therefore, a CEO’s responsibility to decide when to hit the startup accelerator pedal. There are times when it makes sense to step on the ga

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At LogicManager, we are firm believers that embracing risk management can result in two boons: ease of mind and success. On a related note, we recently came across an article by Carl Richards in The New York Times titled “For True Freedom, Learn to Deal with Uncertainty.

“Right now, I’m working really hard on both having goals and accepting the reality of uncertainty,” Richards says. “In fact, I embrace the uncertainty and say to myself, ‘given that goal, and given the uncertainty, what’s to be

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Quotes on Strategy


Enrique Suarez Presenting:


Quotations on corporate strategy, business strategy, strategic planning, portfolio management


See strategy  not as an act of war (Michael Porter's Five Forces) but as an act of customer bonding (Love)

Arnoldo Hax , Enrique Suarez

Execution is not the problem; aligning exection with strategy is!

Arnoldo Hax

Operational excellence is not strategy

Enrique Suarez

Processes are not strategy

Arnoldo Hax

It is important to consider a business at two levels; its strategy and its activ

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Commonwealth Capital is proud to announce a New Venture Capital Fund specifically designed for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies.

We have access to many sources of capital for varying stages of a company’s existence. More importantly, we are looking to invest in start-up and early stage companies through our inaugural venture-capital fund, Commonwealth Capital Income Fund I.

Unlike most venture-capital firms, we’ve taken the mystery out of the application and funding process. We’re upfront about

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